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        “静脉给药型重组人p53腺病毒注射液”( ivAd-p53)是本公司已上市的世界首个基因治疗药物“重组人p53腺病毒注射液”(今又生)的改进型,腺病毒载体经过基因工程技术改造,更适宜于静脉给药,也可局部给药。


New Product Development

Sibiono is a pioneer gene therapy in China. Since Gendicine® is in market, we have made the transition from solely a research enterprise to a market-directed one. The R&D is subdivided into R&D dept. for basic sciences, medical dept. for Phase I&II studies, the sales dept. for the promotion of products with academic activity support on clinical research.The R&D activities centered around further in-depth study of Gendicine® while others work on new product research.

The Gendicine® in-depth research covers the Phase IV clinical trial, off-label-use research, and extended clinical use of the drug, while the upgrading of production efficiency and quality improvement research are also included.

As for the new product development, the Co. has started 2 new products under the Expert Committee of S&T. They are the ivAdp53 for iv infusion and dual gene recombinant oncolytic adenovirus for injection (SBN-3), in addition to 2 invited product: protein A immunoadsorption system and polycation encapsulation of adenovirus

The upgraded product ivAdp53, is an improved form of Gendicine®rAd-p53,Inj. The genetically modified adenovirus vector will be more suitable for iv infusion or even used locally.

Dual gene oncolytic adenovirus for injection (SBN-3) is the upgraded product of Gendicine®SNB-3 is highly specific for lysing tumor, induces apoptosis and immune response, and synergistic in tumor killing. It has a wide spectrum anti-tumor activity and can be used well by itself.