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Partnering with Sibiono

Partnering is an important part of Sibiono’s growth strategy. Our manufacturing platform, pharmaceutical and clinical experiences of innovative gene therapy product and R&D qualifications make Sibiono an attractive partner for companies delivering tomorrow’s breakthrough products.

As a company, we are collaborative, proactive, flexible and ambitious, and driven by a common goal to bring new gene therapy products to cancer patients that improve their lives. Our decision processes is flexible, and we have the resources to invest in promising projects. Sibiono’s R&D is organized to meet specific needs for partnering projects and the way we are structured ensures that external projects have the same priority as internal projects. With SSTEC support, we provide full R&D capabilities from early stage development right through to lifecycle management. Sibiono’s product Gendicine® is extensive and highly adapted to suit local needs and requirements. To meet regional and local demand, we are seeking new licensing opportunities on marketed products wherever we operate.

From experience, we know that a successful partnership is not simply a matter of complementary competences and compatible processes. Partnerships function well when people know how to work together openly and with trust. Sibiono has established a dedicated group working on maintaining our partnerships and collaborations. Partnering at Sibiono starts at all stages. Sibiono’s discovery and pre-clinical development team is actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with external partners even at very early stages of discovery. Joint development of innovative ideas and therapeutic concepts can start as early as the definition of validated targets, therapeutic intervention strategies, or lead structures.