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Prof.Li and Dr.Shui in the Symposium
A memorable photogaph with the Middle East specialists

A symposium on Genedicine® was on September 4th in THE LANGHAM International Hotel. There were over 100 physicians from Hong Kong, also visitors from the region of Malaysia, Japan, Palestine, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We have worked with The Society of Physician Association Hong Kong which has started since 1956. The society has earned a lot of respect from the medical field in Hong Kong and the members have came out on drove on Sunday to listen to the talks which were put together by the Society. This is the VERY first time for Simodecs Genetics to present Gendicine® to the physicians in Hong Kong to develop this important market. Hong Kong is a very small special economic zone but it has a lot of international exposure with a lot of the doctors being primary or subsequently trained from UK, US, and other countries which are well known in the medical field. This is a VERY important reason for us to penetrate the Hong Kong market which is in our backyard (China) to gain the credibility of Gendicine®.

Prof. Li Long Jiang from China Sichuan University to share his clinical experience and success in “The Milestone of Recombinant human p53 Adenovirus First Gene Therapy in Cancer Treatment with focus in treatment of malignant head & neck tumors”, followed by a renowned oncologist from Hong Kong, Dr. Wesely Shiu to speak on " Gendicine® - a paradigm shift in cancer management". Both speakers complimented each other in their experiences and cancer patient care management using Gendicine® for the treatment regiment from head and neck to other commonly seen cancers as having the lesions in the breast, lung, liver, pancreas, colon and sarcoma. The technique included Gendicine® direct Injection under ultrasonic guidance, Gendicine® +Avastin with Hyperthermia and artery perfusion applications.

Our visitors from Middle East countries are all head and neck specialists. They were so impressed on the Gendicine® efficacy for the treatment in malignant solid tumors that they have decided to work on developing the Gendicine ® compassionate program in their countries. 

This is indeed also a well illustrated scenario that in joint forces with a substantial medical organization, one could see the marketing impact with overwhelming response from the numbers of participants coming on a good sunny Sunday morning…when all should have a good breakaway from work! 

We would like to say special thanks to Ms. Chen (Director of Sales and Marketing from Sibiono) and her team. They all have given us the support and guidance before and during the conference. Mr. Wan, the chairman of Sibiono has also come to our conference to drop in to give us his support.